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Throughout their careers, founders Liza and Omri had experienced firsthand how challenging and isolating working from home could be. They found the camaraderie and connection they were looking for when they started to invite friends, who were also working remotely, to work side-by-side with them in their homes. Within a month, they found their friend group had mushroomed to 100 people, all of whom were like-minded remote workers excited to connect with others and benefit from a change of scenery to help them get their work done.

They recognized there was a real need that wasn’t being filled for remote workers, and they seized on the opportunity to scale the informal network of remote professionals and workspaces they had organically created within San Francisco, to benefit all remote workers and companies with distributed workforces. Hence, the idea for Gable, the first workspace-as-a-service platform, was born.

Gable’s Vision

Gable is creating a platform that remote professionals across the globe can use to access a nearby neighborhood Gable workspace to work, focus, innovate, connect, and thrive. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for remote workers to find safe, inspiring workspaces that help them connect to the broader community of professionals in their neighborhood and do their best work. Gable is committed to helping everyone experience all the benefits and none of the hassles, distractions or loneliness that can come from working from home. If you’re a remote worker, Gable has a workspace that works best for you.

Gable’s Leadership

Liza Mash Levin Co-Founder & CEO

Omri Haviv Co-Founder & CTO

Investors and Advisors

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Sarah Sorenson

Strategic Marketer and Author

Andrew Sinkov

Vice President @Etsy

Liron Smadja

Senior Director of Global Brand @Fiverr

Andro Vrdoljak

Head of Business Development @Turo

Nadia Harris

Founder of remoteworkadvocate

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